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1. Our Registrars / We send you from time to time documents like Share Certificates / Annual Reports / Dividend Warrants, etc. Do you receive the documents:
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  Promptly On Time Late Very Late
  B. Annual Report      
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  C. Dividend Warrant(s)      
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  D. Other Documents      
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2. You may be seeking clarifications on certain issues from time to time by writing to the Company / Registrars. Are these letters attended to your satisfaction:
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3. If you visit our Registered Office at Kolkata regarding any query / grievance, do you feel that the hospitality and the efficiency of the person(s) attending you are:
  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
4. Have you ever attended a General Meeting of the Company? If so, how do you rate the arrangements made at the meeting:
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5. Do you have any grievance that has not been addressed yet:
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  If yes please state details:      
  a. Since how long has your grievance remained unsolved:
  A year or more 6 months or more 2 months or more Less than 2 months
  b. Do you feel that the person(s) dealing with your grievance whom you have ever met or written to is:
  Very helpful Helpful Neutral Un-cooperative
6. Are you satisfied with the services provided by the Company’s Secretarial Department and the Registrars:
  A. Company’s Secretarial Department
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  B. Registrars
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7. Kindly recommend / suggest one area of improvement of our services, if any:
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