Plastic Carbonated Soft Drink and Water Closures

Plastic closures are used both for water as well as carbonated soft drinks. In case of the latter, that is, drinks which have a lot of fizz owing to carbon dioxide, it is very necessary for the bottles to have a closure or a cap which would retain the fizz (i.e., the gas inside) for a reasonable number of days.

In case of plastic closures, used for drinking water, these closures give a very elegant look and because of good manufacturing process are completely tamper proof, but easy to open.

The bottle can be made of either PET (a plastic) or glass with a 28 mm diameter PCO neck finish (plastic closures only). The closure is also of 28 mm diameter with a normal depth of 21 mm and is made from a suitable grade of polypropylene (PP) or High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE).

The closure that Manaksia manufactures is a two piece closure, as there is a TPE (polyethylene) separate inner liner, with a 'lip' profile that exactly matches the bottle lip. The machine used for manufacturing this is an Italian made (SACMI) one, who are world leaders in this field, and which has been commissioned at a cost of USD 6 million. The process of manufacture is by first compression moulding (it adds more strength than other processes) and then lining.

The shell weight is 2.8 grams and the inner liner weight is 0.3 grams and so, the total cap weight is 3.1 grams. One aspect of importance is user-friendliness. These plastic closures open easily but are completely tamper proof be it water closure or carbonated soft drink closure. The other aspect is our process of manufacturing of this two piece closure ensures gas retention for soft/ aerated beverages.

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