Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel

Manaksia installed Hot Dipped Galvanising Line in the year of 2000 at Bankura, West Bengal, and has been supplying Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel for building materials, automobiles, white good industry and electronics appliance based on our excellent Flux Line technology accepted throughout the world.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Sheets / Coil, a product of continuous Hot Dipping of Cold Rolled Steel Sheets in to Zinc pot, has an excellent corrosion resistance, paintability and workability due to galvanic unique behaviour of Zinc.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel is produced in accordance with relevant national or international standards such as JIS G 3302, ASTM A 653, IS 277 and as per specific requirement.


Type JIS G 3302  

Hard Quality



Commercial Quality (Annealed)






Size Available    

Product type



Hard Quality

0.13 mm – 0.60 mm

700 – 1220 mm

Commercial Quality

0.20 mm – 0.60 mm

700 – 1220 mm




Maximum Coil Dimension JIS G 3302  

Coil Weight

Coil Inner Diameter

Coil Outer Diameter

15 MT

508 mm

1600 mm




Zinc Coating ( As per JIS G 3302)

Z -08, Z -10, Z -12, Z- 18

Other requirement upon request


Surface Finishes :

Regular Spangle finish :

A coating having spangle as a result of the unrestricted growth of zinc crystals during normal solidification.
Standard spangle suited for general use.

Surface Treatment :

Type of Chemical treatment


Ordinary Chromate treatment



General Painting


Upon Request

Plant Location : Barjora, Bankura, West Bengal

Plant Capacity : 36000 TPA

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