Aluminum Notch Bar/ Cube / Shots

Manaksia produces Notch Bar / Cube / Shots (De-Oxi) as per ISO: 504 : 1963 for steel industries with Aluminum purity of 93% & 97%. Notched Bar / Cube / Shots are produced both in Manaksia’s Haldia and Bankura Plant. Each batch passes through strict quality control process and chemical analysis done through Spectrometer.

The specification as provided by IS standard has been extremely suitable for the purpose of steel melting as Aluminum Notch Bar works as a de-oxidant agent.


Grade - 1

Al - 93%

Cu - 4.5% max

Zn - 1% max

Mg - Nil

Si - 1.5% max

Grade - 2

Al - 97%

Cu - 2% max

Zn - 0.5% max

Mg - 0.5 %

Si - Nil

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