Manaksia is one of the leading producers of Aluminium Flat Products. Equipped with high performance continuous horizontal strip caster, State of the Art 4 hi Cold rolling mill and machinery like Cut – to – Length, tension leveler, slitter, Annealing Furnace, Manaksia Produces Aluminium Sheetand Coil to meet up with requirements of Specific applications.

Manaksia’s Aluminium Sheet coil is manufactured in a range of Alloys as per the Aluminium Association (AA) Specifications and in varying tempers for usage in cooking hollowware, insulation, air conditioning fin, reflector, bus body,profiled building products for roof and cladding, False ceiling, fascia, paneling packaging, general engineering purpose& more






Thickness (mm)

0.15 – 3.25

0.15 – 2.0

Width (mm)



Length (mm)



Coil ID(mm)



Coil Weight - kg



Coil Density


Max. 3 kg/mm2

Aluminum Sheets / Coils

For commercial quality & general engineering use, these are produced at Manaksia’s Haldia Plant, West Bengal. The Sheet & Coil are produced via Caster Route and facilities comprise of Casters, Heavier Gauge Cold Rolling Mills & modern Light Gauge Mills with sophisticated control devices and precision finishing equipments to ensure better shape & closer tolerances of the Aluminum Sheet & Coil. Manaksia’s Aluminum Sheet & Coil are well accepted across the Globe.

Aluminum being anti-corrosive, maintenance-free and non-inflammable finds application in Fan Blade, Bus Body, Utensils, Sliver Can, Insulation and many more.

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Manaksia is a multi-division and multi-location conglomerate.Manaksia specialises in the manufacture of packaging products (PP Caps for bottles,crowns for bottles, closures for bottles,containers for bottles,ROPP (Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof) Caps for bottles, Plastic Caps for bottles,Carbonated Soft Drink Closures for bottles,Crown Caps for bottles), metal products and fast moving consumer goods, among others.The company's metal packaging products include crowns, roll-on pilfer-proof closures, expanded polyethylene liners as well as push-open and other metal containers. In the fast moving consumer goods segment, the company is a dependable mosquito repellents outsourcing destination.